Power Disc Plough

Highly Functional Power Disc Plough by Kirloskar Mechanization Work

Puddling of heavy-textured soil helps increase total soil volume and ensures better water retention. This is the ideal harvesting condition for semi-aquatic crops like rice.

KMW’s Power Disc Plough is one of the best 3-point secondary tillage implements that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is intelligently designed to perform in all soil types. The tillage implements are useful, especially in dry & hard land conditions and where scouring is difficult.

  • The Power Disc Plough can be used for multiple functions like soil turning, soil mixing, soil raising and soil breaking
  • Ideal for dry lands and can even be used in rocky areas
  • Heavy duty structure and robust design
  • Facilitates effective cutting of stubbles, weed removal and mixing of manure

Our secondary tillage implements minimise load on tractor and ensures better fuel efficiency.

Heading Description
Recommended 3 Bottom Disc Plough, Disc Size 500 mm dia
Cultivating width 600 mm, Cultivating depth 10 18 cm
Working Speed 2.6 KMPH @ 2000 RPM