KOEL introduced the 10 on Ten distributor beat program with the aim of bringing greater focus the electric pump business and making it more profitable for all stakeholders. It is also a way enhancing our understanding of market requirements, which will help us create improvements our processes and systems to gain a competitive edge. Another objective of the event is to win the trust of retailers, as they are the last mile channel in our brand promotion. The event was launched in many states and distributors participated enthusiastically. In Gujarat alone, orders from retailers jumped from around 12 a day to an impressive 39! Hearty congratulations to all those who were a part of 10 on Ten. Your response has encouraged us to hold this event on the 10th of every month. We look forward to your participation as TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) at the next 10 on Ten event on November 10, 2017.

What distributors have said about 10 on Ten
• We met many of the retailers for the first time; it has boosted our confidence and helped build good business relationships.
• This step has helped us understand the level of effort our DSRs put in. We now have motivated DSR who will take better decisions.
• This scheme has helped us gain an enhanced understanding of retailers’ expectations and requirements from team KOEL.
• We can now see the potential and scope of KOEL’s electric pump business.
• We have been able to take spot decisions and get product placement done at many new retailer counters.
• The event was an eye opener for us in understanding the scope of market requirements. We will now add to our product basket at retailer outlets.
• We explained the Gold Rush scheme to retailers who didn’t know of it, and that helped us gain greater benefits for our business.