KMW Multi Crop Thresher Machine for Best Output

Kirloskar Mechanization Work is a prominent thresher machine manufacturer in India. We design and build highly efficient farm equipment that can be used for threshing a wide range of crops like wheat, grain, maize, ragi, sunflower, mustard, millets, etc. The thresher effectively separates grain from the straw, reducing time and effort needed in the process.

  • Robustly built to ensure high durability
  • The thresher is powered by wheels to ensure easy transportation
  • Increased efficiency and greater output as compared to other threshers
  • Easily attachable to power tiller also.
  • Separate grain and straw outlet
  • High speed functioning helps cut down time significantly

Being the best thresher machine manufacturer in India, we ensure superior performance, reduced time and lower costs.